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At Hudsmith, we are redefining lifestyle photography. How we are doing this is by aiming to connect your business with your clients in a long term ongoing conversation that is based on an authentic experience. We achieve this by producing narrative- led images and film that are genuine, by understanding the special relationship we all have with certain objects, and places. It is this approach that excites us at Hudsmith. We showcase the curated details that your only your business can offer, and present these as the most sought after of treasured experiences.

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‘We showcase the curated details that only your business can offer’

– David Wickham | Creative Director

At Hudsmith, we understand the intrinsic value we all place on certain objects and locations. Objects that we cherish. Settings where core memories are made. With our lifestyle photography, we focus on the individual and shared experiences which come to define our lives. We present your lifestyle business as the curated backdrop in which your client’s are able to create their own stories, year after year. If your offering is a product, we highlight it’s special place in your client’s life, over time. By taking this approach, we build a relationship between you and your client that can only strengthen.

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Lifestyle Feature

Shangri La Hotel

Enter into a narrative with Hudsmith at the Shangri La hotel at the Shard, London.

Lifestyle Feature

Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc

Discover the quiet elegance that Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc is built upon in this picturesque French coastal town. 

Lifestyle Feature


A photo walk in the southwestern French city of Bordeaux that Parisian creatives are flocking to


An Experienced Team

From your initial enquiry we can discuss what you need, and learn about you and your business, by arranging a consultation via email, phone or video call. We have extensive experience in the luxury and boutique travel sectors, interiors, gardens, property and more. Our work has been featured in leading lifestyle magazines and we regularly travel. Our turn around is timely, so get in touch with us today to learn more. We would love to hear from you.

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